From Celebration to Cause: Campbell’s Warhol 60th anniversary campaign shifts focus to support communities in need

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Campbell Company of Canada has had a long history of supporting Canadian communities, and that commitment is critical in times of urgent need. Immediately, we are donating $300,000 in cash and food products to food banks across Canada. This is directly a result of redeploying funds from the Andy Warhol consumer program that is now cancelled in addition to incremental funding from our annual Giving Fund. In addition, we are releasing the product ahead of schedule to alleviate the increase in customer orders. We have increased our corporate donation fund by over 30% given the unprecedented need across Canada. These initiatives are above and beyond what we have contributed in this fiscal year, which to date is almost three quarters of a million dollars in food and cash to our charitable partners such as Daily Bread Food Bank and Food Banks Canada.

Campbell Canada’s response to assist communities navigate the COVID-19 pandemic will be singular in focus to provide food aid, in line with our giving mission to alleviating hunger. Our priority is providing financial support to Food Banks Canada who can then work to provide aid where it is most critical to local pantries across Canada. In addition, we will also provide support to our Greater Toronto Area charitable agencies that we have had a longstanding partnership with, specifically Daily Bread Food Bank and LAMP Community Health Centre.

We are distributing unrestricted grants to these organizations to support their operational needs. This influx of funding will be critically important as these organizations have seen unprecedented demand for their services.

We have also implemented the My Giving Program employee matching program to enable employees to double the value of their financial contributions to a charity of their choice. All gifts made to this program will be matched 100% up to $1,500 CAD per employee by Campbell Canada.

Learn more about our company’s work to support communities across North America during this pandemic.